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[STX Dalian] Delivering World’s Largest VLOC and Best-performing Drillship in A Row


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STX Dalian renews its life as a production base equipped with a global technological competitiveness, consecutively delivering world’s top-class ships.

STX Dalian held the naming ceremony for the drillship Noble Globetrotter II with President Choi Sung-rak of the Offshore and Shipbuilding of STX Dalian, Vice President O’ Neil J. Mendoza of Noble Drilling, and others present.

The drillship, as the second one ordered in August 2010 from Noble Drilling, the global crude oil and gas drilling company, is 189m long and 32.2m wide and can sail at 11 knots, while it can drill as deep as 12,000m with 180 persons on board. It is a compact drillship in a new concept, smaller in sizes as compared to existing drillships but with a greatly enhanced drilling performance and lowered maintenance costs.

As STX has exploited its experience and knowhow sprouting from the first drillship to shorten the construction period and greatly improve the quality for the second one, the company, enjoying a good evaluation for it, now stands tall with regard to next orders from the same contracting party.

Noble Globetrotter II has launched its drilling operation, deployed to the oil field development project in the Gulf of Mexico from the US side starting in July, while it has secured a full score of 100 to prove its uncontested top quality in a global drillship performance evaluation disclosed by PFC Energy, the international consulting company specializing in oil & gas industry.

On the other hand, STX held the christening ceremony on July 30th for Vale Espirito Santo, a VLOC (‘Very Large Ore Carrier’).

361m long, 65m wide, and 30.5m tall, Vale Espirito Santo is the world’s largest-size ship carrying 26,700 15-ton dump truck loads of ore and sailing at 14.8 knots, can load 40,000 more tons of cargo with its cargo hold increased by over 20% as compared to existing VLOCs.

Vale Espirito Santo is to be delivered to STX Pan Ocean and deployed to the sea route between Brazil and China / Europe, serving for next 25 years to carry iron ore for Vale.


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